A peculiar video shows individuals scrubbing down to purify themselves from coronavirus contaminations in the south Indian province of Karnataka.

The episode occurred at Hiriyur town of Chitradurga region on February 20, 2020.

“The body will be liberated from all microorganisms and infections in the event that we clean up in once every month.

“The entire world is alarmed of the destructive infection flare-up. In the event that we as a whole beginning washing up, we will achieve invulnerability from the infection.

“It is the panacea to the upsetting circumstance we are confronting today because of the infection,” said one of the men in the video.

Coronavirus flare-up has guaranteed more than 3,000 lives far and wide and around 90,000 have tried positive for the infection.

There has been no affirmed immunization that fixes the infection.


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